Appearance Edit

She has long brown hair which is tied back into a bun. With black, dull eyes with heavy bags underneath similarly to Sangwoo.

She wears a black skirt, beige short sleeved t-shirt and red aporn which appear to be worn and dirty.

Her body is covered in bruises as a result of her husbands abuse.

Personality Edit

Outwardly, she appears to be a kind, caring mother towards Sangwoo. For example, she looking after him when he was sick. Acting as a Sanctuary for Sangwoo against her violent, abusive father. However, she is very paranoid especially when it comes to her husband and his "secrets", becoming suspicious when she finds Sangwoo's love letter.

Her relationship with her husband has mentally scarred her. She appears somewhat defiant of him as she protects Sangwoo during a violent outburst and tells Sangwoo that his father is "wrong". However, in contrast she fantasises about when she first met him, saying that she is "happy" as she dances in trance like state.

Biography Edit

The Mother of Oh Sangwoo, the secondary protagonist and primary antagonist of Killing Stalking.