Appearance Edit

Min Jieun has a slight figure, presumably similar to that of Yoon Bum, long dark hair with a large forehead and a mole beneath her eye. She catches the eye of men on the street at her first appearance, so it is safe to assume that she is an attractive person. Also worth noting - when performing, and afterwards, she has a pink drawn heart on her cheekbone.

Plot Edit

Min Jieun was a female classmate of Oh SangWoo, who had a crush on him.When her voice cracks and she fails to sing her solo verse in, Sangwoo steps in. She only fails on her solo because she realizes her feelings for Oh Sangwoo and may be distracted by his outer beauty (and his fake inner one too). She is murdered by Yoonbum (with the prompting of Sangwoo), when he succumbs to a sudden delusional episode.

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