aka Shania

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on August 16
  • My occupation is Baker
  • I am Female
  • AmiSutcliff99

    So its been a while since I`ve posted on a wikia, the last time I posted on a wikia was for my degrassi wikia account and I`d really like to get back into writing... This first blog post is more rambling than writing but I want to get my thoughts out while they`re still fresh in my mind. I plan on writing fanfiction and posting it here because the best people to critque your work are fans... I hope you all will give me great ideas and critques and let me know how I can improve my writing style. I am currently listening to conspiracy theories while writing this so my thought processes are all over the place... Lets have some great conversations please! Have a wonderful day and I hope this becomes a great page for people to follow.

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