Biography Edit

The Paternal Uncle of Yoon Bum and a secondary Antagonist in Killing Stalking.

Appearance Edit

He has grey-black hair, but we have never seen is full face, although we saw his eye when he chased Bum in Chapter 33, though it was a hallucination of Bum.


A glance of his eye.

Personality Edit

Arguably the one who made Yoon Bum as messed up as he is, he is a selfish and cruel man. He lacks basic human empathy and treats his family like dirt instead lusting after women. He severely abused Yoon Bum sexually, physically and emotionally, but also his own Mother although to a way lesser degree.

In the present, he seems to be vengeful and borderline obsessed with wanting Bum to return him back to his house. This is to either to continue his abuse and/or to ensure his silence.

History Edit

At some point in Yoon Bum's childhood, he became his guardian after his Parents died. For a while, he was resentful that Bum's Mother fell in love with his brother after leaving him.


Yoon Bum as a child covered in bruises

Unfortunately, this lead him to violently abuse Yoon Bum as a child. It is implied that he is taking his anger and frustation out of him as the offspring of the woman he loved. It is unknown if he sexually abused him at this age. At some point, he began to rape an adult Yoon Bum and made him drink once, most likely to take advantage of a drunk Bum.

Plot Edit

Chapter 25 Edit

In a flashback, Yoon Bum was seemingly jailed due to unknown reasons and he would need to pay 3,000,000 won for a settlement. Due to his anger, he grabs Bum by his hair and tells him to die just like his parents did. A woman who is there pays the money out of empathy only as he begs her to do so as he would be confined for his horrific abuse to Bum.

At home, he starts severely beating him as "pay back" for the money he himself didn't pay, even threatening to rip off Bum's Genitals. Afterwards, he starves him and threatens his Mother not to feed him.

Later that day, he comes home drunk and goes to vent at Bum about his Mother, how she left him for his brother and his parents apparently neglected him. It is implied that he later masturbates in the bedroom as Yoon Bum who was out, drinking water in the middle of the night because of the heat, watches through the door, after wondering where the sound comes from.

The next night, he gets into bed with Bum and rapes him while his Mother is sleeping.

Chapter 26 Edit

Non-consentually, he rapes Bum while saying his Ex-lover's (Bum's Mother) name in trance like state. Once Bum returns the next day after going out because of what happend the night before, he beats him in his room in the middle of the night while he's naked with a cane then fully rapes him violently and disturbingly.

Chapter 45Edit

After Sangwoo returns after disappearing for a few hours, he returned to Bum promising to give him a “present”. Bum is told to close his eyes while Sangwoo leaves the room to get said “present”.

After a short while, a person’s footsteps are heard by Bum followed by Sangwoo telling him to open his eyes. Shockingly, it is revealed that the “present” was his Uncle. It was unclear where this was a hallucination or reality, Bum is horrified.